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No. 6 Faxian (Discovery) Research Survey Ship in traction operation. Through years’ tackling key problems, researchers have successfully explore oil and gas resources seismic detection technique characterized by ‘numerous covering times, rich low-frequency composition and strong seismic focus energy’. With this technique, the best quality seismic reflection data were obtained in South Yellow Sea Basin in 2016, and distinct marine facies Mesozoic–Paleozoic stratigraphic squuence and structure were revealed. These results have created conditions for strategic discovery and breakthrough of deep oil and gas exploration in this region. The research achievement led by Professor CHEN Jian-wen and LIANG Jie, Qingdao Institute of Oceanographic, CGS, with the help of quite a few units in China, ranks the sixth among “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of CGS and CAGS in 2016”. For details see pp. 847-858 of this issue. (Photo by CHEN Jian-wen)
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