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The fracturing site and flowback ignition of Eyy1 well for shale gas in Doushantuo Formation. According to basic geological and two-dimensional seismic survey, the Changyang favorable area for shale gas was delineated through optimization and Eyy1 well was drilled. During the drilling a four-storey style structure consisting of Cambrian Tianheban Formation, Niutitang Formation and Sinian Dengying Formation and Doushantuo Formation was discovered, which has opened up a new field of shale gas exploration in the oldest strata of southern China. Through vertical well fracturing in Doushantuo Formation the production could reach 5460 kilometers per day. The research achievement led by Professor ZHAI Gang-yi and BAO Shu-jing, Oil and Gas Resources Survey Center, CGS, ranks the first among “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of CGS and CAGS in 2016”. For details see pp. 441-447 of this issue. (Photo by ZHAI Gang-yi)
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